Guide to Completing Levels the Correct Way

Completing the offers to level up is easy but with anything there is always a right and wrong way to do to things. In this training article we teach you how to knock down the offers the right way.

Completing Levels

Since our program revolves around people completing trial offers to gain credits to level up, it is only right that we teach our affiliates how to complete the offers the correct way.

Before you get started

  1. Make sure that your pop up blocker is turned off and cookies are enabled in your browser. 
  2. Make sure that you are using your own internet connection and not a public Wi-fi connection like at a library or a restaurant hotspot.
  3. Have your debit or credit card ready – prepaid cards are not allowed to be used on our advertisers offers.

Choosing offers to complete

When choosing offers on Level Rewards please choose ones that you would actually try.

If you prefer to choose only the free ones, it’s perfectly fine but make sure that you try the offers for at least 75 percent of the trial period. If you like the offer keep it, if not you can cancel.

Description and requirements

When you click on an offer the first thing you’ll see is the offer’s description page.

Read all of the information on this page carefully.

These details will tell you exactly what has to be done to successfully complete the offer and receive your credit.



The description field will tell you about the offer. The requirements field tells you exactly what you will have to do to complete it.

If you do not follow the instructions in the requirements field you will not receive your credit and will have to fill out and file a missing credit request  to get the credit for the offer. 

Completing the offers

After reading the description and requirements, agree to the no prepaid disclaimer and click the continue with this offer button.  

You will now be taken to the offer’s website to complete the offer.

When doing your offer make sure that you:

  • Complete every step that you read in the requirements field
  • Make sure to try the offer as soon as you finish signing up
  • Check your email for a confirmation email, sometimes they send a link for you to click to verify your account
  • Keep the offer site up for at least 10 minutes after signing up and trying the offer

Other important things you should know

Following our offer guidelines should guarantee that you will receive your credits 99.9% but there are also some things that guarantee that you won’t receive credit:

  • You can not do the same offer more than once. It Doesn’t matter if you completed the offer years ago. Our advertisers will not credit you if they find out that you have completed that offer before.
  • Our advertisers do not want you to use prepaids. If they suspect that you are using a prepaid they will either not allow you to sign up all the way or they will not give you a credit for completing the offer.
  • Do not sign up with false information. If an advertiser suspects that the info that you used to sign up is fake they will not give you credit for the offer.
  • Don’t do not use a card with a zero balance on the offers. A lot of offers with do a pre-authorization charge to check if you have enough money in your account to cover the first month of the trial. If you have a zero balance, the offer will either decline or you will run the risk of being charged an overdraft fee from your bank.

Any questions?

If you are confused about anything in the training article please contact your sponsor and ask them to clarify what you don’t understand. If you are unable to reach them just contact us and we will be happy to help.


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